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Gifted students display a complex level of thinking that varies in acceleration and depth. Our gifted and talented program challenges gifted students’ unique and creative abilities, furthering their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our teachers assess the student’s current knowledge and skill levels, adjusting instruction and curriculum to meet each student’s needs along their journey.

Brandi Maynard

Meet Dr. B!

Dr. Brandi Maynard is ILA's Director of Gifted Education. She has extensive experience in both gifted education and online learning and sparks learning in all of our gifted students! Contact Dr. B to learn more about our SPARK program at bmaynard@ignitelearningacademy.com.


Spark Island Fact Sheet:

  • Every student in SPARK is a part of this STEAM project
  • Grades K-5 meet with Dr. B for 30-45 minutes M-Th
  • Grades 6-12 meet with Dr. B for 90 minutes every Friday
  • Students work individually and in groups and serve various roles on the team
  • Students were tasked with creating/inventing transportation to get to the island
  • Students are routinely faced with new tasks required for survival (fresh water collection, shelter, etc.)
  • Even our art teacher comes to participate (she's great for helping us learn how to built huts/tiny houses!)


Students identified as gifted and talented are afforded the opportunity to explore their interests through the core course curriculum, capstone projects, and a diverse offering of relevant and engaging foreign language, electives, and advanced courses.

Gifted students in grades K-5 participate in a self-contained gifted classroom with small class sizes and daily live classes. Students in grades 6-12 meet weekly for enrichment with our Director of Gifted Education.

Gifted students in elementary and middle school are placed in gifted-specific core courses that extend their thinking, challenge their views, and require them to think critically in the areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies. High school students may select from a variety of advanced courses. 

Students who work faster than their peers are able to do so in our environment to ensure they are continually challenged. Our SPARK program is designed to keep up with their pace. We know gifted students don’t simply need more work. Instead, they need the opportunity to explore the world around them and construct varied viewpoints, test hypotheses, and learn by doing.

Students have the opportunity to extend their learning through a variety of clubs and activities to spark curiosity and ignite their learning and passion.

Spark Gifted Parent Chats

Gifted parent chats are held twice per month with Dr. Maynard and gifted education expert, Margo Long. These live chats discuss issues that are important to parenting (and grandparenting) gifted children. Topics have included, or will soon include, social & emotional needs of gifted children, self-management, interpersonal skills, self-acceptance, anxiety and giftedness, Dabrowdki's Overexcitabilities, and many other relevant topics.


Gifted students are invited to attend live classes throughout the week with their peers. Students are grouped by age and have the opportunity to interact with other gifted students as they learn more about the world in which we live and engage in projects about which they are passionate.



Not only do we strive to build academic excellence; we promote self-awareness and intrinsic motivation. Students will be encouraged to develop individualized thinking, investigation and expression. They’ll develop creative problem solving when facing challenges. Students’ achievements are celebrated as we continually work together to meet their personalized goals.

Contact us today to learn more about ILA's SPARK program.

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