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Amy Ferrier
Amy Ferrier

Mrs. Amy Ferrier, M.Ed.

Mrs. Amy Ferrier has been a passionate educator for over a decade teaching a variety of grade levels ranging from pre-k to high school. Her professional goals are framed to meet the needs of her students, and her teaching philosophies have been shaped by her students. Throughout her career, Amy’s mission has been to advocate for personalized education focused on the academic, social, and emotional needs of each individual. To quote Aristotle, "There is nothing so unequal as treating unequals equally." Every student deserves a holistic support system, collaborating to reach one goal: providing opportunities for each student to reach their full potential, both in the classroom and in life.

Amy is no stranger to moving and adapting to new environments. She started her career in her hometown suburbs of Chicago, Illinois teaching the lower elementary grades. During her fifth year, Amy was asked to be a middle school self-contained gifted teacher. She immediately became passionate about gifted education and decided to pursue a degree in that field just three years later when she and her husband moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. Amy earned her Master's Degree there, specializing in Gifted Education, and in 2017 and was hired as the 4th/5th split teacher at an independent gifted academy nearby. As much as she loved that role, Amy made the transition from east coast to west coast as her husband’s career moved them to California for a few years. There, Amy was hired as an education specialist for a unique education company that serves the greater Los Angeles area for K-12 homeschooling, executive functioning training, tutoring, independent studies, and more. A few years later Amy and her husband moved to Nashville, Tennessee where they planted their roots to stay for the long haul.

No matter what position, grade level, school district, or state, Amy believes that it all comes back to the students. She is grateful for the variety of young minds and colleagues she has been connected with so far and looks forward to meeting many more. Amy proudly joins the Ignite Learning Academy where she will carry on the mission to further develop personalized education.


Fun facts: When Amy is not teaching, she visits her family back in Illinois as much as possible. Amy also enjoys traveling with her husband, kickboxing, dog-sitting, cooking, and going to concerts/sporting events. She will forever be a Chicago sports fan and a fanatic of country superstar Garth Brooks. Believe it or not, Amy has seen Garth Brooks in concert eighteen times in ten different states… so far, that is.


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