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Michael Julien
Michael Julien

Mr. Michael Julien, M.Ed.

Mr. Michael Julien was born in Chicago and raised in the California Bay Area. Next, he lived in New Mexico for four years and then finally settled in Arizona. Mr. Julien started his teaching career in 1997 on the Navajo reservation where he met Mrs. Julien, married her, had three children, and moved to Tucson, Arizona where he still resides. 

He went to San Francisco State University where he earned a BA in Geography and then went to New Mexico State University to earn a teaching credential. After teaching secondary History (Geography, World History, US History, Economics, and US Government) for a number of years, he went back to graduate school to earn an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.  

Mr. Julien has had over 12 years of teaching online and enjoys it immensely. 

Here’s something you would not guess if you met him in person: During the mid 1980’s he was an avid street skater who would haunt the streets of San Francisco and Berkeley punk rock scene - going to shows at the On Broadway, Mabuhay Gardens, and Ruthie’s Inn. 


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