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Stephanie Elie-Martin

Mrs. Stephanie Elie-Martin, M.A.

Mrs. Stephanie Elie-Martin
spent the first 15 years of her professional experience circling the labyrinth of leadership. She hit all of the proverbial brick walls heightened by male-dominated industries and was sure to be chased by more than a few queen bees. While completing her Master's Degree in Communication and Leadership she realized that the challenges she faced while ascending to and maintaining leadership positions were a hallmark of being a female in the workplace. 

Her passion for diversity, inclusivity, and equality was born in a supernova of passion and the life-changing desire to make an impact in the world. She left her position in the corporate world in September 2019 to pursue a career in communication and equity consulting. She now helps rural schools, governments, and non-profits increase access and engagement through informed, intentional communication. She is a professor of equity, communication, and leadership at Gonzaga University and is actively pursuing her PhD, is engaged in equity research, and is starting a non-profit aimed at helping young women find their voice and understand the gendered world in which we live. 

Mrs. Elie-Martin volunteers her time to  lead the Leading Ladies Club at ILA. Learn more about this club here.


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