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Preschool classes begin Monday, January 4th! Enroll now to save your child's spot.

Were your preschool plans disrupted? Ensure your child is prepared for kindergarten this fall! When you enroll in our Preschool and Kindergarten Prep Program, you will have peace of mind that your child will remain on track. All of our courses help children develop the skills required by the Head Start Child Development and the Early Learning Framework in conjunction with the Common Core State Standards. The concepts covered in our program prepare students for kindergarten success while providing:

  • LIVE daily classes with their teacher
  • Individualized attention in our small classes
  • Fully interactive, guided online lessons
  • Offline learning activities
  • Individual monthly conferences with your child's teacher to assess learning
  • Adaptable curriculum for accelerated learners who may then be eligible to advance into our SPARK gifted kindergarten program

Assessments in the following areas will evaluate your child’s kindergarten readiness: language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge, and social and emotional development. Teachers will provide focused support where your child needs it most. Adaptable learning is available from an age 3 level up to a 2nd grade learning level for students who need basic skills and those who are accelerated in their learning!

Discover the key topics explored in each subject:

* Image Credit: Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Discover what key topics are explored in each subject:

* Image Credit: Miss Humblebee’s Academy


Students will receive physical materials, including a Circle Time Kit, to be used in live classes each day, along with a sensory tray, workbooks, a personalized name packet, flashcards, and more.

Dates and important information:

Our Preschool & Kindergarten Prep Programs will run January 4, 2021 - June 4, 2021.

Preschool Tuition

One-time Enrollment Fee: $200
Monthly Tuition: $275

View this video to see what your child’s LIVE classes will entail as we make learning FUN:

To speak to a school administrator or enroll now:

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