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Ignite Learning Academy offers courses for students in K-12 grades. Our online program develops inquiring minds, time-management skills, and subject mastery in each of our students.


General Education

  • Elementary School: $2,900/one semester or $5,400/full year*
  • Middle School: $3,500/one semester or $6,500/full year*
  • High School: $4,000/one semester or $7,000/full year*

Self-Contained Gifted or Special Education

  • SPARK/FIRE Elementary School: $5,000/one semester or $9,000/full year
  • SPARK/FIRE Middle School: $5,500/one semester or $10,000/full year
  • SPARK/FIRE High School: $6,000/one semester or $11,000/full year


  • Enrollment Fee: $250/student
  • Re-Registration Fee: $100/student
  • Finance Fee: $50 yearly/family

SPARK² After-School Program Tuition

Non-ILA student: $275/month
Current ILA SPARK student: $175/month

Single Course Tuition

If you desire to enroll in one or two classes without enrolling as a full-time student, single-course tuition is an option for you. Students may enroll in a maximum of two courses per semester. If 3+ courses are desired, the student must enroll as a full-time student.

We offer two options:

1. Course with certified teacher support: The ILA teacher will invite your child to live class, provide access to class recordings, and will grade and provide feedback.

Course without teacher support: Perfect for a homeschooling family where the parent will serve as the ‘teacher’. This option will allow your child full access to the course content/curriculum.

Elementary School (grades K-5)

  • Semester course w/ teacher support: $750
  • Semester course w/o teacher support: $550

Middle School (grades 6-8)

  • Semester course w/ teacher support: $825
  • Semester course w/o teacher support: $600

Note: Students may enroll in physical education courses for $150/semester or $280 for the full-year course.

High School (grades 9-12)

  • Semester course w/ teacher support: $850
  • Semester course w/o teacher support: $625

Note: Students may enroll in physical education courses for $150/semester or $280 for the full-year course.

ILA offers payment plans ranging from one single payment, to monthly payments spread over the school year. If it is not financially feasible for you to pay tuition over the 10-month school year, you may desire to obtain a student loan. Ignite Learning Academy partners with Your Tuition SolutionSM to provide affordable and convenient payment options.


All Ignite Learning Academy parents have the ability to select the number of payments they desire to make during the school year in order to pay their child(ren)’s tuition. Families paying in an up-front payment receive a discounted rate. Other payment plan options allow for monthly payments August – May of each school year.

All payments are made electronically from a checking or savings account on the same day every month; either the 1st or 15th, selected by the payer. Payers can also elect to pay on FACTS utilizing a credit card (plus a 2.85% transaction fee).

Parents/payers can log into FACTS to view their account, make selections, or change their payment type or payment date at

Have a question about FACTS or your payment account? Please contact FACTS customer service at 866.441.4637.

School financial questions should be directed to


Your Tuition SolutionSM

Your Tuition Solution
1700 West Park Drive, Suite 310
Westborough, MA, 01581

  • Call: 800.920.9777
  • Fax: 508.281.8505
  • Email:

With a low, fixed-rate plan from Your Tuition SolutionSM, paying for your child’s education is easier than ever. Your Tuition Solution’s convenient payment plans give you a wide range of options such as:

  • APR: 4.99% to 24.99% FIXED
  • Amount Financed: Select from $2,000 to $50,000
  • Term Length: Options for 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months
  • Monthly Payment: Determined by term length, amount financed and APR

To learn more about Your Tuition Solution’s flexible plans, calculate payments or to apply visit:

* Rates subject to change. Terms available based on amount financed and credit history. APRs range from 4.99% to 24.99%.

Ignite Learning Academy strives to keep tuition costs low so all students can receive an individualized education that best suits their learning, emotional, academic, and family needs. We have a tremendous respect for the financial sacrifices families often make to afford private school tuition and ensure their children have an outstanding education.

We are committed to making ILA accessible to families of varied economic backgrounds. If you feel your family cannot afford the full tuition, during your admission process we encourage you to also apply for Financial Aid.

Ignite Learning Academy prohibits discriminatory conduct of any kind, including in admission, financial aid, program involvement, employment, or otherwise. ILA does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, military status, gender identity, and any other category protected by federal, state, or local law.


Many Arizona students are eligible to receive ESA money to attend a private school that will fully cover the cost of attending ILA or significantly decrease the family’s financial responsibility. Note: This scholarship is not financial-need based; instead, all Arizona students who meet the scholarship’s criteria will receive the scholarship regardless of family income. View the ESA requirements and begin the ESA application today. If you have questions, please contact us at

Businesses and individuals with an Arizona tax liability can donate to a State Tuition Organization (STO) on behalf of your child attending Ignite Learning Academy and receive 100% of the donated money back as a tax credit when filing their Arizona taxes. This amount either reduces the overall tax liability and/or provides a tax refund. STOs also offer scholarships that are need-based and are funded based on general donations to the STO or school.

ILA partners with many STOs, and you can learn more about STOs on one of our partner’s pages: Institute for Better Education.

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