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K-12 online learning for children with autism and other significant developmental delays.


The FIRE Academy, a program within Ignite Learning Academy, offers accredited education to children in grades K-12 with autism and other significant developmental delays who will thrive when working in a self-contained special education environment. (Looking for 'pull-out' or 'resource' special education support? Click here.)
All curriculum used is specifically designed for students with developmental disabilities in order to teach academic, life, and social skills.

The FIRE program offers a two-level approach, based on student need

Level one FIRE is designed for students with significant developmental delays. These FIRE students attend small-group daily live classes  with their similarly aged peers and teacher. All instruction within The FIRE Academy is provided live so students do not need to navigate the online school platform. During class, students follow a predictable schedule beginning with the greeting and circle time activities, and then move into an academic activity, social communication, departure, and homework review. 

All students are provided physical materials that may include a Circle Time Kit (early elementary only), salt sensory tray, printed workbooks, and physical manipulatives to aid in learning. All level one students complete a small amount of daily homework using the provided workbooks to review the information taught in class each day.

Level two FIRE is designed for students who are working closer to their academic grade level and benefit from life and social skills curriculum and additional academic support. Level two students receive academic instruction with general education peers, receive individualized support, and can also receive additional academic support from their FIRE or special education resource teacher. Additionally, these students are invited to attend multiple live classes each week that focus on life and social skills appropriate for their age and ability levels. High school students will work on transition planning to assist with the transition to college or career as they begin to plan for their future. Students will draft their first resume, participate in a mock-interview, and learn and practice other necessary skills to navigate the upcoming years.

FIRE students are invited to participate in virtual clubs and activities with disabled and non-disabled peers. Clubs are fun and engaging, teach new skills, allow children to explore an area of interest, and practice socialization skills with other ILA students.

Click HERE to access a previously recorded open house that provides details about the program. 

muddy feet
Bruno the bulldog
hop scotch


Our active curriculum allows us to make a connection with children in a way they're capable of retaining information – by experiencing the world! Nurturing children’s curiosity has been proven to accelerate their learning – furthering their language skills, developing their social and emotional skills, and fostering their imagination.
The academic curriculum used in The FIRE Academy's level one program in early elementary school utilizes ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) instructional methods, is aligned to nationally-recognized standards, utilizes comprehensive materials including manipulatives, photo cards, and other instructional tools, and is award-winning. Academic strands are divided into three ability levels with varying levels of caregiver support in the home. In all situations, we work toward student independence, but recognize individual needs of students and their required level of support in the home.


FIRE students attend daily live classes that teach academic, life, and social skills. All curriculum is leveled based upon your child's abilities in order to ensure they receive appropriate math, reading, science and social studies instruction.

During elementary circle time, students participate in daily activities including the calendar, weather, sing the daily 'hello' song, read books, engage in show-and-tell and other fun activities! Students will enjoy physical exercises, conducting science experiments, and learning to interact with other students through intentionally designed activities. 

Circle Time Kit


We believe school community is a pillar of academic and social learning. For this reason, your child is invited to attend clubs, activities, field-trips (virtual and in-person), school assemblies, virtual class parties, and to participate in kindergarten and high school graduation ceremonies. 
Bruno the Bulldog, our school mascot, makes frequent appearances and is loved by Ignite Learning Academy students!
We look forward to partnering with parents, caregivers, therapists, and students to ensure your child THRIVES in the FIRE Academy!


FIRE students receive daily instruction in  the following subjects based on age and ability level:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Life Skills
  • Socialization Skills

Students should plan to attend 2-4 hours of live class each day and will need a bit more time to complete their daily homework to practice the skills learned in class.


Please view all tuition options here.
Ignite Learning Academy accepts Arizona Empowerment Scholarships (ESA) and Arizona Tax Credits (STO) to cover or offset the cost of tuition. Payment plans are available.

Learn if our FIRE academy is the right fit for your family!

The best way to get to know more about our approach for children with autism and other significant developmental delays is by attending a Virtual Open House! You’ll get an in-depth look at how the curriculum can be tailor-fit to your child’s learning style, preferences, and needs.

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