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Preschool - 12th Grade

Well, that's up to you! As the parent, you can decide at what time of day you wish to complete schooling, the physical location where schooling will occur, and how you structure the day and your time.

Elementary students can expect to spend 15-20 hours per week completing schoolwork; middle school students will spend 20-25 hours per week; high school students will spend 25-30 hours.

Students should take breaks throughout the day; engage in other activities, visit the local library, participate in sports, and engage in other activities of interest.

Yes! Many states offer scholarship programs that allow state tax-payers to redirect the funds associated with their child so the funding follows their child, even when they attend a private school. In many cases, this will fully cover the cost of tuition at ILA.

Another opportunity exists in states who provide state income tax deductions or credits that can be paid to the private school in order to cover tuition, and then recouped, up to the state's determined dollar amount, when submitting taxes.

*Note: ILA does not accept vouchers.

  • Absolutely. You can choose to supplement the curriculum ILA provides and engage in religious learning that meets the needs of your family. ILA is a great option for students in families who wish to incorporate their faith into their child's education. With that in mind, the curriculum used at ILA is not faith-based.

    Ignite Learning Academy is an independent, private school. This is not a homeschool program, even though school is taking place in your home (or wherever you choose!) Parents can rest easy knowing their child's course progress is supervised by a certified teacher, and that the teacher is only an email or call away.

    Teachers monitor course progression to ensure students are on track to successfully complete their coursework in the allotted academic term. Teachers provide robust feedback on submitted assignments and engage in course discussions with students, when present in the course content. Further, they are only an email or call away to offer support, guidance, and additional explanation. ILA teachers are not tutors; meaning, they do not provide instruction on each lesson or task. The curriculum uses a variety of modalities to teach concepts and engage learners of all abilities and styles and the teacher complements this learning. Teachers and staff have 24 hours (business days only) to return communication, but they strive to reply as quickly as possible.

    Yes! Students at ILA are placed in a curriculum that matches their ability level including gifted and talented program. They also have the freedom to move throughout the curriculum at a pace that is appropriate for them. Further, there is an abundance of course options that will engage students and allow them to explore a variety of potential passion areas, “try on” different careers, and be appropriately challenged throughout the school year.

    The teacher will reach out before this happens to see what challenges are being faced and to help develop a plan to get back on track. However, we understand there can be extenuating circumstances. A course can be extended one term for a fee. If at the end of the following term it still has not been completed, a grade will be assigned based on the submitted work.

    Yes. Consistent work needs to be observed. It's absolutely okay to “chunk” time to focus on one subject at a time or structure time in a way that works best for you. However, consistent progress throughout each week and month should be noted. If three weeks pass and no assignments have been submitted, the student and family will be contacted by school staff regarding excessive absences. The school will utilize all means of communication including phone calls, emails, and mail. If the student begins working, no further action will be taken. If the student or family is unresponsive and progress is not made, the student's account will be locked.

    Students are enrolled in self-paced courses with parent/coach support at home and teacher support from the school. We can reduce the class load to meet the student's needs, if appropriate, including students who are homebound and need limited courses. This setting often works well for students with special learning needs as there are fewer distractions, pacing is determined by the family as long as adequate progress is made, time spent schooling can be chunked into appropriate time periods for the student, and students have extended time to complete their learning each day. )

    No. If desired, content can be downloaded and printed. Also, please note that some hands-on lessons may utilize household items.

    Our online courses and platforms work well on most modern computers and devices. To ensure you get the best experience, please review our complete list of technical requirements.

    Note: Occasionally, tech-elective courses might require additional software or system requirements. This information will be provided to you prior to enrollment in the course.

    Of course! That's the beauty of this program. Students are permitted to work ahead, but please note, tuition costs the same amount even if a student completes work ahead of the term's end. In many instances, an additional course can be added to the student’s course list to allow additional progress, if desired.

    Yes! Every teacher is certified in the content area he/she teaches. All teachers hold at least a bachelor's degree and many hold graduate degrees as well.

    We believe socialization is an important part of childhood, and for this reason we offer various ways for socialization to occur within the online school environment. Online clubs and field trips are available to students and there are weekly homeroom meetings and assemblies where students can gather face to face (via webcam – unless you prefer to keep yours off!) and interact with one another in a controlled and supervised environment. Further, we believe engaging in the community in which you live will provide exceptional experience for your child so we encourage you to get outside, take a trip to the library or museum, engage in religious groups – if desired – or play with local friends.

    All students work in four core courses, including math, language arts, science, and social studies. Elective offerings include foreign languages, physical education/health, fine arts, and an abundance of technology and career-ready options. In total, ILA offers more than 140 elective course offerings; far more than nearly every other online school!

    A 90-100%

    B 80-89.9%

    C 70-79.9%

    D 60-69.9%

    F/no credit 59.9% and below

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