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Mad Science Camp (7/12 - 7/15)

$75.00 USD


This camp occurs virtually July 12 - 15 from 9 - 11AM (12 - 2PM EST).
One registration covers all children within the same household!
A supply list will be sent prior to camp so families can secure the needed supplies for the week. 

Are you ready to get a little bit messy as we conduct fun and exciting science experiments?

🐣 Monday: We will kick camp off with lots and lots of eggs. Campers will each design a device to protect a raw egg for an egg-drop challenge, we'll conduct experiments with eggs, learn about density, grow eggshell geodes, and more!

🍉 Tuesday: Get ready for food science! We will be using Pop Rocks, Skittles, soda, baking soda, vinegar, and even a watermelon as campers learn all about the scientific process, density, melting/freezing points, crystallization, and potential & kinetic energy.

🚀 Wednesday: Space Day! We're making DIY lava lamps, watercolor galaxy paintings, and understanding the science behind slime - plus testing some various hypothesis relating to different slime types. We've got some other fun things planned this day too.

💥 Thursday: Our focus for the final day is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). Campers will conduct a variety of various DIY projects with experimental components and will end the day with a STEM project that allows their creativity to flow!

Recommended for Ages 5-12

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